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Feels Like Home


Guiding Young Minds to a Brighter Tomorrow

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What you can expect from Luisa’s Child Care!

* Lots of tender loving care

* Nutritionally balanced meals and snacks

* Variety of preschool toys

* Scheduled preschool education (arts, crafts, shapes, sizes, reading, and writing)

* Educational board games

* Variety of infant toys

* Healthy and educational environment

* Large, fenced-in and locked-in backyard

* Variety of yard toys and play structure

* Children 8 weeks to 23 months each have a separate room for napping and to safely play in their playpen with age appropriate toys, when supervision outside their room is not feasible.

* Preschool music

(dancing, singing, and during playtime)

* Structured Activity Schedule (gives children a sense of security by knowing their daily routine, and allows me to provide one on one time and quality care for each child). 

Enrollment Requirements:

✅ Contact Luisa’s Child Care today to enroll your baby in a trusted and affordable Daycare in Amarillo, Texas.

Immediate or upcoming childcare openings may be available!  

I want to help every parent and guardian by educating their child through the first years of their developing as an infant, toddler, and preschooler. 

When children attend quality child care during the first four years of their life, they are better prepared for School. Therefore, choosing quality care for your child is very important!  

Please respect my time at home during childcare operating hours and when my home is closed for business.  With this in mind, if you have any feedback or inquiries, please call me and leave a voicemail with the reason you are calling, including your child’s age, your full name, and phone number during childcare operating hours.  I will call you back as soon as possible! 

Or you may submit the Inquiry Form, at the end of my Contact page, at your own convenient time. 

You are welcome to send me a brief text message, if this method of contact is preferred, but please identify yourself and be specific with your feedback or inquiry in order to receive a prompt and thorough reply.  

✅ A parent-provider phone interview appointment will be required before making an appointment to meet me in person and visiting my Daycare Establishment.  

The primary purpose of our Phone Interview is to answer your questions regarding my childcare services first of all, and also to review my Daycare’s Policies & Regulations. This will help me know, before accepting your Childcare Application, if my Daycare Program will be a good fit for your family and most importantly if it will be compatible with your child’s special needs. 

By experience, I know that no matter what a baby’s temperament or social conditions, they have the same sleeping and feeding needs as any other baby. It is important for babies to have the best chance to meet their sleeping and feeding needs while attending any type of child care, whether it’s a commercial Day Care Center or an In-Home Day Care. 

However, when it comes to temperament and behavior, all babies are different.  It’s their temperament that governs their mood while they are awake. For this reason, every family has different child care needs and requirements. 

I want your baby to be comfortable and happy while under my care. This is why our phone interview is a fundamental part of the childcare enrollment process, and will also help you make the most informed decision about what’s right for your baby.  

✅ After our phone interview, if Luisa’s Child Care will be a good asset for your family, then I will gladly schedule an appointment for us to meet in person and to visit my Daycare Establishment for a Private Tour before proceeding with the childcare enrollment process.

✅ After your Private Tour, I will be more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have regarding my child care services. After our brief Parent/Provider Conference, if you will like to continue with the enrollment process, I will give you a Folder with my Operational Policies and Regulations, the list of all the Daycare’s Closing Dates, and Enrollment Forms. 


1) Drop off/Pick up times 

2) Meal/Snack times 

3) Rest/Nap times 

4) Daycare’s Daily Activity Schedule 

...Are all posted in my Website under “Services” Page for your convenience, they will not be in your Folder.

You will be required to take your Folder home to read completely before making your final and most informed decision possible about enrolling your baby on a Full-Time Basis in my Home Daycare by Sunday, which will be the next day after your Private Tour. 

*I meet with parents for a Private Tour only on Saturdays. 

🛑 Friendly Reminder: 

Please keep in mind that a “Formal Phone Interview” must take place FIRST before moving forward with any part of the Childcare Enrollment Process.  


Before requesting a phone interview appointment, it is very important that you read all the information in my website completely, including the “Attendance Policy” that is posted in “Services” page. 

All important information you need to know regarding my childcare services is posted in my Website for your convenience, and to save you time with your child care search. 

*Please keep in mind the main purpose of the phone interview. 

It will mostly inquire information that I need about your baby to help me know if my Daycare Program will be a good fit, and if the Childcare Enrollment will be compatible with your own personal circumstances and expectations.

*Formal Phone Interview Appointments (15 minutes-1 hour), are scheduled only three nights per week, (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday), 8:00pm-9:00pm, and must be booked no later than 8:00pm at least one day before the appointment date. 

Online Booking is conveniently available at “Luisa’s Child Care” 

Facebook Page! 

Simply click on “Book Now” button to reserve a specific time that I can call you for a Phone Consultation during Operating Hours or when Home Daycare is closed. 

Or you may Book an appointment for a Phone Interview, which is required for your Chidcare Application and to begin Enrollment Process. 

✅ Openings are not reserved until I agree to accept your Childcare Application & Enrollment Forms. 

     *Reservations for Childcare Enrollment take place only on Sundays.

✅ A Three Week Deposit, $300 total, must be paid to reserve your child’s opening.  Your paid Deposit will be applied to your child’s first week of childcare and to the final two weeks of childcare. 

The Three Week Deposit is not refundable once it has been paid, because it guarantees your child’s enrollment and that you will have the courtesy of providing me a two week notice before withdrawing your child from my Daycare. 

Childcare Enrollment Termination Policy

$100 paid Deposit will be credited to the first week of childcare, and $200 paid Deposit will be credited to the final two weeks of childcare only after a two week notice for withdrawal from Daycare has been provided either by Child Care Provider or by the child’s Parents. 

However, if for any reason the Childcare Enrollment requires immediate termination and child must withdrawal from Daycare at once without a two week notice either by Child Care Provider or by the child’s Parents, the $200 Deposit paid to reserve the final two weeks of childcare enrollment will be forfeited and will not be reimbursed with no exceptions.  

*(Childcare Enrollment Termination Policy comes into effect, and therefore will be fully enforced, as soon as the Three Week Deposit of $300 has been paid to “reserve” an opening for childcare enrollment)

Reasons that will require immediate termination of childcare enrollment, (but not limited to):

1) Routinely late with weekly fee payment. 

2) Routinely late with pick-up time, (must pick-up before 6:00pm).

3) Not in compliance with Daycare’s Policies and Procedures. 

4) Constant frustration and confrontations with Provider, either in writing or verbally.

5) Child’s needs are out of the scope of the Daycare’s Program. 

6) Child is constantly causing disruption at Daycare and takes time away from other children in care. 

7) Failure to comply with Policies and Regulations. 

8) Client is disrespectful of Provider and Daycare’s business. 

9) Tension between the Provider and parents because of differences in opinions. 

10) Parents refuse to provide for their child’s needs at Daycare. 

11) Child is out-of-control, is constantly exhibiting destructive behavior, is hitting, biting, pinching, pushing, or assaulting other children.  Or refuses to obey rules. 

12) Child is a threat to himself or others.

13) Parents have unhealthy meal and snack expectations and their child will not drink milk or water, only juice. 

14) Parents do not comply with Illness and Attendance Policies, and knowingly bring their child sick to Daycare. Therefore, putting other children’s health & safety at risk. 

15) Child is dropped off at Daycare crying or upset, either regularly or on a daily basis.

16) Child climbs out of playpen. (Safety issue) 

17) Child continues to take off Diaper or Clothing after being told not to do so.

18) Child regularly arrives at Daycare dirty and is not well groomed. 

19) Child needs a pacifier at all times or after 2 years of age. 

20) False information given by a parent during the phone interview, that’s required for the Childcare Application and the Enrollment Process.    



Ana Luisa Montoya 

(Child Care Provider and Owner)

Business Hours

Monday to Friday: 7:00AM - 6:00PM

Contact Information

Luisa’s Child Care

1607 Stardust Ln. 

Amarillo, Texas 79118

Phone: 806-681-1603

Email: [email protected]

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