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Feels Like Home


Helping Children 

Grow and Learn

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About My Facilities and Admissions


Child Care Providers are responsible for protecting the health, 

safety, and well being of children who attend their child-care facilities.   

At Luisa’s Child Care in Amarillo, Texas, we know that children’s

health can change quickly! Children who are healthy and safe 

are better prepared to grow and learn to their full potential.

 A health check is a quick evaluation of a child’s body, 

mood, and behavior. The purpose of a health check is to notice 

any illnesses or health concerns the child might be experiencing.

 Daily health checks are an important tool 

to help me identify sick or injured children. 

Therefore, each child’s day begins with a simple health check,

 and it is completed before the parent or guardian leaves to work. 

This is a quick way to make sure all children attending 

are healthy enough to be in my Daycare Program. 

I will not be able to tell when a child in my care is feeling well enough 

to participate in activities, or recognize when a child is too sick 

to stay in my Daycare Program, if that child is crying upon arrival 

or doesn’t want to stay. Therefore, all children, including new 

enrollments, must be willing to stay at Daycare without crying 

in order to effectively pass their required health check 

and be admitted in a peaceful manner for childcare. 

In addition to daily health checks, my program has specific guidelines 

to help me decide whether a child is too sick or not healthy enough 

to stay for child care. I must always consider the health of other 

children in my program. Daily health checks also provide 

a record of any changes in the child’s appearance or behavior. 

I will do a series of health checks across the day if 

suspect a child is not feeling well. Sick children are excluded 

until they are considered healthy enough to return without putting 

other children’s health & safety at risk, as well as their own.

My main concern and goal in caring for your child,

 is to see your child grow physically, intellectually, socially, 

and emotionally to the best of his/her ability. 


1) Is your child happy😊, healthy, and comfortable?

2) Are there any illness symptoms present? 😷 If so, 

are they mild (stable)?

moderate (needs treatment)?

or severe (uncontrollable)?

3) What is your child’s temperature? 🤒 

*without the use of fever suppressing medications,

for the past 24 hours.

4) Has your child been diagnosed with a viral infection 

and is still fighting respiratory symptoms?

*(sore throat 😥, congestion, runny nose, sneezing 🤧, or cough 😷)

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