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Teaching Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

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My Childcare Services

Children’s healthy development 

depends on safe and 

positive experiences 

during the first few years of life.  

This is why the first years of a child’s life 

are, by far, the most important.  

A lot of parents need to work 

during these early years 

and it has been my pleasure 

to be able to provide 

loving care for their child.

At Luisa’s Child Care in Amarillo, Texas,

 your child will feel comfortable

 and relaxed while learning through 

one-on-one sessions and more!

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I provide all equipment, furniture, and supplies needed for childcare. 

They are cleaned and sanitized as needed, 

and on a daily basis for the children’s health & safety. 

Parents are required to provide disposable diapers, wipes,

 and baby food as needed for their child.

Car seats are not allowed at Daycare, 

due to limited space 

and to make screening for fever or illness symptoms 

easier for Childcare Provider upon arrival.

If supplies are needed at Daycare,

 parents may drop them off until pick up time. 

As a Complimentary Service, 

 Parents receive a “Daily Record” in writing of their child’s 

meals & snacks, diaper times, and nap times. 

Also, I am bilingual and will be happy to speak to your child 

the language spoken at home, 

may it be American English or Spanish.

About My Facilities and Admissions

My Daycare has a maximum capacity of six children (three unrelated and three related).

 I accommodate kids aged 8 weeks to 4 years old with unrelated children and 

8 weeks to 13 years old with related children. 

*A maximum of one child, aged 8 weeks to 11 months, may be enrolled. 

*A maximum of one child, aged 12 months to 23 months, may be enrolled. 

*A maximum of four children, aged 2 to 4 years, may be enrolled. 

(Only one child per family is admitted) 

Luisa’s Child Care Enrollment Rates

(Only Weekly Rates available)

(No discounts on absences or closing days)

(Only Full Time childcare available for ages 8 weeks to 4 years old)

Operating Hours: Monday through Friday, 7:30am-6:00pm.

(Not enrolled in Subsidized Child Care Program or CCMS) 

Childcare Enrollment Fee: $125/Week (Flat Rate)

Important Additional Information

(Attendance Policy)

    • My primary goal as a Childcare Provider is to provide a healthy, safe, and fun environment for all children under my care as best I can. My Daycare’s Regulations & Policies have been established with this goal in mind and to help me provide the best quality childcare service that every child deserves.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
    • My Home 🏠 Daycare has several closing days during the year.  Plus, I don’t admit sick children that are contagious 😷; (have a runny nose, severe congestion, sneezing 🤧, coughing, sore throat, or other illness symptoms with a temperature 🤒 of 99f or higher without the use of fever suppressing medications), or are not feeling well enough to attend Daycare comfortably. Therefore, most children are excluded from childcare several times during the year or are frequently absent. To avoid the stress and inconvenience of being absent from work on a regular basis, all parents are highly recommended and required to have a Dependable Backup Sitter, before enrolling their child in my Home Daycare on a Full-Time Basis. A Backup Sitter that is employed or has a full-time job, will not be a Dependable Backup Sitter for you. 
    •  Closing Days:  When I am too sick and feverish 🥵 to work (rarely), one personal day per month for a maximum of 10 days per year, one week twice per year for family vacations, and all Federal Holidays. 
    • All children are required to be up-to-date with their immunizations and feel well enough to participate comfortably in all childcare activities, including outside play, without compromising other children’s health and safety.  I am the only Childcare Provider present and I don’t have employees to help with the multiple childcare tasks. Therefore, children that are too fussy 😭 😩 (with persistent or nonstop crying/whining), are uncomfortable due to teething or illness 🤒, and need more care than I can provide, they are not admitted for childcare until they are feeling well enough to attend Daycare comfortably 😊. 
    • Children that arrive crying 😢 😭 at Daycare for any reason, will not be admitted for childcare for the rest of the day.  It is the Parents’ responsibility to comfort their child at home prior to attending Daycare.  This regulation will also help keep the Daycare’s environment peaceful and fun for “all” children that are currently attending.  On the other hand, children that do not want to attend Daycare will not be forced to do so at any time.  This regulation includes new enrollments.  This is strictly for the children’s health & safety.  Prolonged stress and anxiety is not healthy for anyone, including for Parents and Provider.  Additionally, children that don’t want to be separated from their parents, naturally will not want to be separated from their caregiver during the day either.  Therefore, providing quality child care service and undivided attention to “all” children under my care will not be feasible, if a clingy child is admitted or forced to attend Daycare.  Each child’s happiness and well being will always be my primary concern, for as long as they are under my care and responsibility. 
    • All children are observed daily upon arrival for illness symptoms.  Children that look ill or have any illness symptoms, their temperature 🤒 will be taken by Childcare Provider before their parent leaves to work to make sure their child is not sick.
    • To stop 🛑 the spread of viruses or infections, during an outbreak or pandemic, all of the children’s temperature 🤒 will be taken upon arrival by Childcare Provider before they are admitted for childcare on a daily basis.  Parents will be required to wait outside while their child is being screened for fever or illness symptoms. This Health & Safety Regulation will also be strictly enforced, when a child returns to Daycare after recovering from an illness.  Child’s temperature will be required, with no exceptions, to be completely normal (lower than 99f) and with no illness symptoms, (runny nose, congestion, sneezing 🤧, sore throat, or cough 😷), in order to be readmitted for childcare.  Together we can stop 🛑 the spread! 
    • Sick children may not attend Daycare for 14 days after onset of illness symptoms, unless fever subsides to normal for at least 24 hours and child does not have any illness symptoms.  Two weeks after onset of illness symptoms, child may return to Daycare if fever has subsided to normal for at least 24 hours and does not have acute/severe symptoms caused by allergies or illness. 
    • Children that have a noncommunicable illness; (their temperature is normal, lower than 99f, without the use of fever suppressing medications), yet are lethargic, not feeling well, or are uncomfortable due to pain or acute symptoms; (runny nose, severe congestion, constantly coughing😷, constantly sneezing 🤧 with mucus), they will require care at Home, (not at Daycare), for their own Health & Safety.  
    • A Doctor’s Note will be accepted as a medical document that your child is not contagious, but it will not exempt your full compliance with the Daycare’s “Attendance Policy” and “Illness Policy”. 
    • For sanitary and feasible reasons, when children have a runny nose caused by allergies or illness, they are not admitted for childcare.  For the children’s Health & Safety, I clean and sanitize all toys and furniture as needed to keep the Daycare’s environment germ-free through out the day as best I can.  Additionally, I am constantly busy all day with multiple childcare tasks.  Therefore, it is also not feasible at Daycare to be wiping and clearing up runny noses frequently in order to keep all children in my care comfortable, especially while they are playing or eating with their friends. 
    • *Children that have a runny nose or other acute symptoms caused by allergies or illness, will not be comfortable to attend Daycare, will require more care than I can provide, and will compromise other children’s health & safety

Our Preschool Crafts and Activities 

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